Farrar, Straus and Giroux | 05/07/2019 | ISBN: 9780374279363

Farrar, Straus and Giroux | 05/07/2019 | ISBN: 9780374279363

One of EsquireThe Rumpus, The Millions, Literary Hub and Electric Literature's Most Anticipated Books of 2019

The Unpassing follows an immigrant family of six struggling to make ends meet on the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska. With flowing prose that evokes the terrifying beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, Lin explores the fallout after the loss of a child and the way in which a family is forced to grieve in a place that doesn’t yet feel like home. Emotionally raw and subtly suspenseful, The Unpassing is a deeply felt family saga that dismisses the American dream for a harsher, but ultimately more profound, reality.

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“In this spare, deeply felt debut novel, Lin resists received wisdom about the American dream to craft a family saga about the difficulty of grieving far from home.” — Adrienne Westenfeld, Esquire

“[A] devastating portrait of a family waking up from the American dream … The Unpassing is a moving story about grief, guilt, growing apart, and finding home.” Lit Hub

“Chia-Chia Lin captures the strangeness and beauty of childhood better than any writer in recent memory, and she is a brilliant observer of physical and emotional landscapes … this debut novel, a true work of art, displays the kind of clear and uniquely-angled vision that announces the beginning of a remarkable career.” — Jamel Brinkley, author of A Lucky Man

“It’s difficult to think of another recent book in which emotion mounts so steadily and inexorably, nearly imperceptibly, until the last pages arrive with almost unbearable force. Chia-Chia Lin is among the best new writers I’ve read in years.” — Garth Greenwell, author of What Belongs to You

“The Unpassing is a breathtaking novel, full of characters as strong and as wild as the Alaskan landscape they inhabit.  Sentence after gorgeous sentence, I was pulled into their eery and beautiful world.  Chia-Chia Lin is a remarkable writer.”  — Yaa Gyasi, author of Homegoing

“Chia-Chia Lin has written a novel of such strange, brittle beauty as to resemble nothing else so much as living, itself. Her prose—at once poetic and lucid, by turns darkly comic and haunting—achieves something like the peculiar grammar of loss. I turned the last page with heartache and wonder, a feeling of having been undone and remade." — D. Wystan Owen, author of Other People's Love Affairs

“Chia-Chia Lin’s The Unpassing is a searing, open wound of a book, marvelously alive and, quite simply, remarkable. Traversing the oftentimes brutal frontier of an isolated family living in an isolated environment, I can’t think of another novel as of late that relentlessly tackles headlong our deepest struggles for a sense of place, of home, and belonging … This is a story for our times. And a story unlike any other.” — Paul Yoon, author of The Mountain